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Welcome and thank you for visiting STRYKERACRES.COM and we hope you will check back often for updates! This a breed we believe is the greatest in the world!. Please like us on facebook by clicking the like button above.

after many years of consideration we were blessed in 2012 when we aquired our first show dane teulu's empress vidia of sslynn v strykeracres from washington.

In the spring of 2013 we added our second foundation bitch and member of our show dane family casaarabal's Bonita gv strykeracres from costa rica.

we are very proud to have these two as the start of our foundation in which we hope will be  the  great start of our line of great danes - strykeracres great danes; however we will never forget where the heritage of this line of great dane came from!

health, temprament, and breed type were our focus when choosing our foundation bitches. we believe in adhering to the gdca standards including the color code of ethics.

for updates on our dogs please click on the link with their names above.

If you know of a Great Dane in need of assistance please contact us and we will do everything in our power to come to their aid!!

www.strykeracres.com is dedicated to the support of the service men and women, both veterans and active duty that are serving our country. please look at our charity page as you will find ways to help our troops. We are in no way affiliated with the charities but simply acting as a avenue for people to reach them, because politics aside these patriots deserve our love and support!

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